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Top Data Analytics Company by SuperbCompanies
Company News

Best Data Analytics Companies by SuperbCompanies

Firstly, February brought us great news! Kulkul Technology is one of the best Data Analytics Company in 2021 by SuperbCompanies! We have accumulated enough experience …

How Danone Utilize Cognitive Aspects in its Website
UX Design

Cognitive Aspects in Danone’s Website User Interface

Cognitive is gaining knowledge, information, or understanding through thoughts, experiences, and senses. Cognitive processes include attention, perception, and memory. Making a user interface (UI) that …

Color Wheel and Psychology in Branding
UX Design

Primary Color Psychology in Business Branding

Color can determine how we view something, especially a company logo. It is essential to decide on the logo’s color that matches the image that …

Augmented Reality Usage in Marketing Business

Using Augmented Reality to Leverage Business

Business operation is constantly changing since industry 1.0. Everything was entirely manual. Then industry 4.0 comes, and even 5.0. This development is, of course, to …

EdTech with Augmented Reality Technology

How Augmented Reality Enhances Distance Learning

With the coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19, distance learning has become the main teaching method. It affects more than 1.3 billion students in 186 countries (UNESCO). …

How to Write a Catchy Headlines
Tips Tricks

How to Hook Up Audiences with Headlines

When you want to read an article or news, what will attract your attention to click on the article or news page? Clear from the …

The improtance of UI/UX Design in app or web development

The Role of UI/UX: Setting Perceptions about Brand

User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) is related with website development. Currently, UI/UX is a crucial component in mobile app development. Why? In this article, we will …

how to determine content marketing ideas
Tips Tricks

How to Identify Content for Your Website

The website will be empty without any content. To fill the content for your website, we need interesting topics. The topics can be various, including …

fendy black and white types of fonts
Tips Tricks

6 Basic Types of Fonts You Need to Know

Do you believe that the types of fonts in a brand logo affects the brand image? To find out the answer, consider the following image. …

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