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Software Development Tools in 2021
App Development

5 Software Development Tools for a Better Productivity

Companies and individuals worldwide use a variety of software in their daily activities. We use the software in almost every field, such as education, business, …

Functional Programming Framework
App Development

What is functional programming used for?

Since the earliest days, functional programming has become a trending topic all around the world. It happens because of the benefits it provides. Suppose you …

45 Best Indonesia Big Data Startups & Companies
Company News

Kulkul as a Top Big Data Company in Indonesia by Data Magazine

At Kulkul, we are working hard to provide the best experience to add value to your business. We are proud to announce that we are …

Designing a Mobile App with Kulkul

Tips & Trends Designing Mobile App in 2021

Apart from increasing product sales and business visibility, mobile apps also offer to enhance communication with the customers. Customers can go through the same interface, …

Frontend Developer Right Career For Me?
App Development

Is Front-End Developer a Good Career for Me?

Coding career opportunities are as high as ever, and the demand continues to grow, primarily front-end developer in the companies. The key to having a …

Website Development Framework in 2021
Website Development

Best Web Development Frameworks You Must Know

In web development frameworks always become an essential part. It happens because of the increase of web application standards. Many developers in the world improve …

Developer vs. Tester cartoon
App Development

Testing vs. Debugging: What are the Differences?

Testing and debugging are different activities in software production. They are related to each other. The latter always comes after every testing process. It is …

Why you need to know these angular terms
Website Development

Build a Cool Website? Know These 5 Angular Terms!

Angular is one of the most widely used frameworks for developing websites. For those of you who want to build a website using Angular, you …

Website Development

3 Types of Website Developer You Need to Know

In this modern world, the internet has grown exponentially. Therefore, some people decide to learn web development. Being a website developer is one of the …

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