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About Us

Kulkul Tech is a technology-based company aiming to democratize high-quality software engineering. We help IT decision-makers, project managers, and product owners to take technology usage to the next level.

Founded in 2019 by Gojek Alumni and globally-respected coding mentor, Kulkul Tech has a solid remote-first team that emphasizes people and clear communication.

Kulkul Humble Beginning

Humble Beginning

Kulkul (pronounced: cool-cool) was inspired by one of founder’s friends who like to say “cool-cool”. However, as he is a Balinese, it is modified to “Kulkul”.

Kulkul is also a widely known traditional communication tool in Bali. The name is sticky and easy to remember.

We’re on the mission to brings high-quality software to the masses through customer-obsessed consulting, training, and mentoring.

Meet the Team

Abdurrachman Mappuji

Abdurrachman Mappuji

Commissioner and Tech Advisor

Huda Kurniawan

Huda Kurniawan


Yuli Efa Santoso

Yuli Efa Suryantoro

Tech Lead

Milzam Shidqi Z

Project Manager

Novita Guok


Software Engineer

anies labibah

Anies Labibah

Project Manager

Rahma Andita

Rahma Andita Purnama

Full-Stack Developer

Calvine Tanuwidjaja

Software Engineer (Mobile)

Ahluzain Octuviadi

Software Engineer

Prio Widi

Executive Assistant

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