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QR Scanning made easy.
Introducing Ngescan

The lightning fast QR code/barcode scanner app for Android

Supports all QR/barcode formats. Including website URL, contacts, products, Wi-Fi, social media, text, books, E-mail, location, calendar, etc.

I always thought only the best phones had QR Scanners built in, but now that I have one of those best phones, I’ve realized, later rather than sooner, that this isn’t the case. It is pretty neat to scan whatever QR Code I feel like and it takes me straight to what I was scanning it for.

Free QR code and barcode scanner

Ngescan scans QR codes for Android devices! Decode text, URLs and other formats within milliseconds.

All QR & barcode formats

Ngescan allows you to scan all types of QR code and barcodes format.

No internet needed

Ngescan doesn't require internet connection to scan a QR or barcode.

Privacy safe

Ngescan concerns your privacy and safety. It only asks for camera permission required.

Ngescan App Logo png

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