How to Become a Great UX Microcopy

Master these 4 Skills to be a Great UX Writer


The number of companies’ need for skilled workers in the field of information technology is increasing. One profession that is in high demand is UX writing. However, until now, there are still not many professionals in this field in Indonesia. So, if you are interested in getting involved and working as a UX writer, let’s find out more about the great UX writer, which we will explain below.

A UX writer writes words whose purpose is to be seen by consumers in the digital products they offer. The activities carried out by UX writers are called UX writing.

This profession designs digital products to make them easy to read by consumers. Therefore, the task of this job is not easy. They have to find the right choice of words to invite users to be comfortable and continue to use the products offered.

As much as possible, you should make words concise and straightforward and build strong communication with users.

In digital products, this profession has a vital role in building a product through words. The reason is that if the words displayed seem convoluted and ambiguous, it makes users confused.

 1. The mindset of a designer

A mindset like a designer is a must. Because later, it will directly intersect with the design of an application. Thus, you indirectly have to think about a solution to a design-related problem. In addition, you also have to think about how to develop the design of the application so that it is better and more comfortable for users to use.

2. Active listener

Active Listening for UX Writer

You must be able to accept various inputs and suggestions from colleagues. Because consumer desires will continue to change from time to time, you must be open to receiving feedback that builds stronger communication with users.

3. Maintain networking

In addition to being an active listener, you must be able to maintain networking with colleagues later. Because this profession will continuously connect with its co-workers, it must mainly coordinate with UX designers, product managers, developers, and even stakeholders.

4. Always Learning

The digital world is not constant, so it will continue to change from year to year. Thus, you must continue to learn to keep up with developments in the digital world. You can continue to learn through online courses, webinars, or even through online groups. It will make you a UX writer thirsty for knowledge and continues to learn to be the best.

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