How to Become a UX Design Expert

How to Become a Good UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designer is a growing position that many companies need. Suppose you are interested in becoming a UI UX Designer. Then, these tips below will help you become a great UI/UX designer.

What is the main key to be a good UI/UX designer?

The basic concepts of the design are essential. However, you need to know that these 3 components of UX/UI design:

Sketching a Design for UX

1. Problem

What’s the problem? As UX designers, we are required to look for a problem, not to avoid it. For example, the background is made of a flow system to minimize the current manual system to produce an idea or solution.

2. Solution

How to fix it? You have to make it as good as possible, such as having an attractive appearance and being user-friendly.

3. Results

You have to produce an output that will make the users’ work easier, making it more difficult for the users.

Choosing the appropriate tools

Important! Because choosing the right tool can help increase work time efficiency. If you are starting to learn UI, it would be better to use supporting software such as Adobe XD and Figma tools.

Why? You can also choose one or both of these software because it already has a standard that makes the design process easier. The software also supports the prototyping process.

As for UX flow, you can also use online platforms like Whimsical. Here are provided features that make it easier for you to design designs before UI designers implement them in flowcharts, mind maps, and wireframes. You can also find out more on the internet.

Learn from many reference

As a UI/UX designer, you have to look for various references. Someone who develops designs must also learn a lot from sources such as books, websites, Youtube, etc.

If you have problems finding sources of design inspiration, you can visit the dribbling website search on Google. By doing this can further help you find ideas to create a website design or mobile application.

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