The 5 Material Design Principles

5 Material Design Principles for UX Designers

Material design is a design language created by Google for the Android operating system. It appeared in 2014, and until now, material design is still popular among UX designers. By using material design, it supports for better user experience. In material design principles, there are several key principles that you must know. Check these 5 material design principles you must know:

1. Create responsive designs

Creating a responsive design allows the web or app to be accessed and used on any device and any screen size. The goal is that users don’t get confused when they switch from one device to another. And they still get a good interface.

2. Use sharp colors

Next, material design is about minimalist design. Therefore, you must be able to choose colors that create the right focus. An example is bold colors that can look more attractive and make users interested in interacting.

3. Make use of shadow or shadow

Surfaces, edges, realistic shadows, and lighting are important factors to consider. So, paying attention to these factors can help you to create designs that match real-world objects.

4. Study the resources released by Google

Google will continue to update about material design. So, you can learn it to build a better UX. Moreover, the resources provided by Google cover the Android-specific material design aspects. It also discusses its entirety with application design and other web design projects.

5. Using primary and additional colors that match the brand

Lastly, when creating a design for a product, you can choose three primary colors and one additional color. Those primary colors are for the main color palette, and the extra color is for accents. You can use the main color for various purposes. For example, are backgrounds, fonts, and key elements in other interfaces. For accent colors, you can use them as additional colors that can support the main display. That’s why accent colors should contrast with primary colors.

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