Color Wheel and Psychology in Branding

Primary Color Psychology in Business Branding

Color can determine how we view something, especially a company logo. It is essential to decide on the logo’s color that matches the image that the company wants to convey. Color is the light on objects that have certain pigments. An object will be yellow because it has a tint that reflects yellow and absorbs other colors. There are several types of color. The first one is the primary color. It consists of three colors: red, blue, and yellow. After that, there are secondary colors, where these secondary colors come from mixing primary colors. Secondary colors consist of orange, green, and purple.

Color Psychology in Marketing


Red color has the characteristics of stimulating nerves and increasing blood circulation. The color Red is known to be effective in promoting, increasing energy, and strengthening motivation. But Red can also be interpreted as a demand or give an aggressive impression. This red color can provide a psychological effect of heat, courage, and anger.


Yellow is an eye-catching color. It can be interpreted as essential or used for notification. It also gives meaning related to intellectual and mental processes. The bright color can stimulate the brain and make us more alert. Moreover, the color itself provides a cheerful and pleasant definition.


Blue is a color that can increase your appetite. Besides that, it can also slow your pulse and lower your body temperature. Blue is a calming color so that it can overcome anxiety. In addition, Blue can improve verbal expression, communication, strength and can overcome insomnia. Blue is a calm and professional color. This causes the blue color to symbolize trust and truthfulness.

From the explanation of primary colors above, choosing the right logo color for our company or business is essential. It is because color has a role in a person’s perception of the logo. And the thing to remember is to choose a color that matches the perception that the logo wants to convey.

Written by: Vania Jessica

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