10 Popular Cross-Platform Frameworks for App Development


By Harikrishna Kundariya

Summary: Cross platform frameworks give a bigger stage for businesses and developers to develop compelling applications that serve multiple platforms. Various cross-platform framework options have taken an edge to develop applications that make a count. If you are looking for top cross platform frameworks for app development, this post is for you. 


Cross platform app development is a great way for businesses to develop app solutions that serve a wider audience and caters to users across all platforms. With cross platform app development, businesses can develop applications that work across the platform. With this approach, applications can be developed for both Android and iOS using a single codebase.


Market reports predict that cross-platform sales will reach $174.78 billion by 2030. But do you know what leads to the remarkable success of cross-platform app development? 


Well, it is cross platform framework. It gives a platform with impressive tools and capabilities to develop applications that go in line with the tastes and preferences of the users. 


Choosing the right platform is important to raise the stand for high quality app development. Therefore, to make the choice easier, we have covered the list of top cross-platform frameworks to help you make an informed choice.


What Is A Cross-Platform App Framework?


The cross-platform app development framework consists of tools, libraries, and reusable code components allowing developers to build applications that run on different platforms, including iOS and Android.


Developers use this approach most often when developing apps across multiple platforms because it allows them to write a single code. Thus, most companies that provide mobile app development services today employ cross-platform frameworks.


Top Cross-Platform Frameworks To Develop Cutting-Edge Applications


React Native


Developed by Facebook, this cross-platform open-source framework allows Android and iOS developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps. JavaScript powers the logic of the application, but native UI elements make up the entire user interface. React Native can help you avoid many of the challenges associated with HTML5’s UI.


React Native allows you to create cross-platform apps with the same code base and UI components. Additionally, React Native is able to be integrated with existing Android and iOS apps or created from scratch.




Developed by Drift CO in 2013, Ionic is a free and open-source framework for developing apps that can run on a wide range of platforms. Mobile SDKs are one of its biggest draws, since they enable programmers to create code once and have it run on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The Ionic platform has also evolved over the years, enabling Ionic developers to develop innovative and unique apps.


Since its initial release, Ionic has received several new updates, adding new tools and features along the way. In this way, it has become the framework of choice for mobile app development on Android and iOS.



If you are looking for a platform capable of running cloud applications, PhoneGap is an excellent choice. By taking advantage of existing application technologies and taking advantage of the device’s built-in features, it produces high-quality applications. There are many enterprises switching to PhoneGap now that it includes plugins and has app size limits that are appealing.


PhoneGap makes it easy to develop apps without having extensive programming knowledge. It can be developed by developers who have HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 skills.


With only single-code apps, users can access them on Android, Windows, iOS, Symbian, and Samsung Bada devices.




NativeScript is a free tool for creating apps with a native appearance and feel. Using JavaScript, it operates with the same tools as iOS and Android applications. As a result, NativeScript apps function the same way as apps created directly for iOS or Android. Developers who want code that works across multiple platforms should use it. Besides reusing existing plugins from NPM, NativeScript allows developers to develop apps faster.


Corona SDK


Corona SDK is a cross-platform, open-source SDK for developing mobile applications. Developed by Corona Labs Inc. in 2009, the Corona SDK is primarily used to create 2D mobile games and applications. With Corona SDK, any developer can develop applications quickly and easily.


Corona SDK has OpenGL acceleration for animations and graphics, enabling it to develop multimedia applications at a rapid pace. The tool is designed for rapid development and prototyping, which makes it popular among game developers and those building 2D mobile applications.


Sencha Touch


Sencha Touch, a cross-platform app development framework from Sencha, plays an important role in cross-platform app development. Model-View-Controller (MVC) is an architectural design pattern for creating user interfaces for mobile apps using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


The cross-platform framework perfectly replicates almost every native feature. Over the last few years, it has proven to be one of the best frameworks for building web applications that simulate native desktop apps.




The Flutter framework allows developers to create native Android and iOS apps using one codebase. With this SDK for Cross-platform App Development, you can create apps that look and feel as native as possible. This is a highly reliable and unparalleled mobile UI framework for developing stunning mobile applications.


Using Flutter, mobile app developers can create sleek, visually appealing apps with widgets, testing tools, and API integration.




Node.js is another cross-platform framework that is a powerful cross-platform toolkit and takes the next place on the list. Due to its server-side and scalability-rich nature, it is extremely versatile, performs well, and has a good level of scalability. 


Further, it offers an array of JavaScript modules, synchronous connections, and asynchronous APIs.




Xamarin is prominent cross-platform framework released by Microsoft in May 2011. The technology stack is built on the Microsoft technology stack and gives developers access to 90% of their code across different platforms. This framework is easy to work on since it has a large community of over 1.4 million developers. In this way, any problems you encounter are resolved quickly.


With Xamarin, you can create cross-platform mobile apps with native experiences, which is the most crucial component of cross-platform mobile app development. Additionally, it is integrated with Visual Studio, enabling the development of Windows, iOS, and Android apps.




Firebase, which began as an independent company in 2011 and was acquired by Google in 2014, is a huge BaaS player. With this framework, you can create a real-time database, authenticate users, host your website, upload data to the cloud, and perform machine learning.


A number of developers across the globe are devoted to Firebase, which is one of the best frameworks for building cross-platform applications. In addition to offering a wide range of development tools, it serves as an easy-to-use application deployment service, management tool, and management framework. Cloud-hosted services allow developers to scale quickly and efficiently on-demand.


Cross-platform frameworks shape the future of app development that works across all devices and platforms. No longer will you limit your users to single devices; instead, bring in cross-platform frameworks and develop applications that leave a mark on various platforms. Choose from the list of best cross-platform app development frameworks and take advantage of the tool to develop compelling applications.

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