Augmented Reality Usage in Marketing Business

Using Augmented Reality to Leverage Business

Business operation is constantly changing since industry 1.0. Everything was entirely manual. Then industry 4.0 comes, and even 5.0. This development is, of course, to achieve work productivity and more business turnover. Using Augmented Reality (AR) makes it one of the solutions in industry 5.0.

Various industries that adopt AR have proven their tremendous benefits. From optimizing work productivity, increasing branding to increasing sales figures and business turnover. This technology can also be a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic via remote assistance.

The following are some of the industries that can benefit from AR technology:

1. Logistics or courier services

Augmented Reality Usage in Logistics Business

During the pandemic, logistics services are one of the fast-growing industries. It happens because people prefer to shop online. This business requires working faster and efficiently in serving customers. AR can help speed up work processes and increase business turnover in the long run.

The most common application is in logistics warehouses. For example, finding out the schedule & delivery status by scanning the barcode on the package. The app mostly includes AR features. The package’s recipient can track the package status they will receive.

The warehouse clerk no longer needs to sort the packages one by one. With AR, point the smartphone camera at the packages in the warehouse. It will then display complete information on the smartphone screen starting. It shows the type of package, package weight, number of packages, package delivery schedule, destination location, package delivery progress, etc.

2. Using augmented reality in branding and marketing

Physical ads, such as brochures or banners, are still frequently used. However, this method has several limitations. With AR, animation or virtual video will appear after scanning the QR code.

AR is also helpful for fashion products. Customers can try out clothes and pants first to match the colors before finally buying the item.

3. Using augmented reality in educational technology

We cover this part on a separate page. Read here.

4. Improve the online shopping experience

Augmented Reality Usage in Marketing Business

AR technology can provide real-time product visualization when shopping online. It enables virtual experimentation in the user’s real environment before buying a product. An example is placing a 3D visualization of ring accessories on the finger. You could also place furniture in your home. The shopping experience is more real and immersive.

It doesn’t stop there. You can add a mini-game feature in the shopping app with a loyalty point system. Beneficial in terms of branding. Some addictive games and a point system that can provide certain rewards will attract visitors. It makes users feel at home and keep coming back to add points. One example is what Shopee did by shaking Shopee and games with AR filters.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly impacts almost all businesses. Whoever quickly switches to digital will excel among late, other companies. Now is the time for you to make a move.

5. Production and product assembly sector

In the production sector, AR has various benefits. The basic one is helping in R&D prototyping. It also can help in testing designs in a realistic, real-world environment. AR can assist in more efficient product assembly. It will allow for safer and more cost-effective job training.

In the BMW Group, they use AR glasses and an app to accelerate the manufacture of prototypes of vehicles and auto parts. The app focuses on helping determine which design best. It could fit the car frame in various angles and methods. It also measures theoretical assembly times. Making it easier to find the most viable design. BMW claims that this immersive approach accelerates vehicle module validation by up to a year.

Some many other industries and occupations can benefit from Augmented Reality technology. You got some ideas to implement AR in your business cycle? Contact us to make it happen!

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