Kulkul is the Best Software Developer in Indonesia by BestStartup Asia

Top Software Firm in Indonesia by BestStartup Asia

Kulkul Technology was recently nominated as one of the 101 Top Software Companies in Indonesia by BestStartup.asia and one of the 42 Top Indonesia Training Companies and Startups by BestStartup.asia.

The shortlisted companies fit to the size spectrum, from cutting-edge startups to established brands. And, the selection was based on their exceptional performance in one of these categories:


  • Ideas
  • Route to market
  • Product


  • Extraordinary growth
  • Exceptional growth strategy


Societal impact

Kulkul Tech is a technology-based company aiming to democratize high-quality software engineering. We help IT decision-makers, project managers, and product owners take technology usage to the next level.

What we provide:

1️⃣ Website development

2️⃣ App development (Native)

3️⃣ Big Data

  • Python, R Programming
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

4️⃣ Payment services

  • Paypal, Stripe
  • Xendit

We want to thank BestStartup for the nomination. Also, we would like to congratulate the other distinguished companies.

About BestStartup.asia

Best Startup Company in Asia

BestStartup.asia is managed and owned by Fupping LTD, a London-based media company. It is one of the foremost authority on Asian business. Moreover, it aims to provide a free platform for Asian companies to promote themselves to the international community, promoting the most outstanding Asian companies and innovations on the global stage.

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