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Technical Writer Tools You Must Master

In any job, we need specific tools or devices to facilitate the work done, including technical writer work. If you want your work to be faster and more efficient, try mastering the various technical writer tools listed below. Some of the writing tools you need to master are:

Microsoft Word

Maybe almost all people in the world already know Ms. Words. The excellent features here include an automatic spell checker, storage of posts in various formats, and the ease of changing words throughout the text. You can also store documents from Microsoft Word in the cloud.

Google Docs

Google Docs is very easy to operate and has other advantages. It is easy to edit, not as many versions as Microsoft Word and can check who edited the document. However, your internet connection must be alive to sync in the Google Cloud.


Notepad has a version that was developed from the previous version, namely Notepad++. We use Notepad++ to edit text or code before uploading. You also can use it to take quick notes, as well as correct spelling.

Publishing Tools

Publishing tools you need to know as a technical writer include the following.

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker is suitable for processing and publishing documents with more than 200 pages. In this tool, you can choose a template according to your needs. But the official Adobe FrameMaker price is still quite expensive.


RoboHelp is part of Adobe Systems. We can use it to publish online documentation. Its UI/UX is easy to understand by many people and makes it popular among technical writers. RoboHelp also supports output in many formats such as e-books, XML, HTML5, and formats for mobile applications. Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive, and it isn’t easy to share content.

Microsoft Visio

Ms. Visio is beneficial for creating a wide variety of diagrams and is compliant with software industry standards such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML). But until now, you need to install Ms. Visio separately if required.

Screen Capture Tools Technical Writer

For screen capture, you can use the Snipping Tools. But there are also other screenshot tools that you can use.


FireShoot is available in various search engines, such as in Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. You can do many things, such as edit images, resize, crop, and add notes through this tool. Supported storage formats are PDF and JPEG.

TechSmith Snagit

TechSmith Snagit can be used to photograph the screen horizontally, vertically, or the entire screen. You can also record screens and take panoramic screenshots using this tool.

Of the various technical writer tools above, which ones have you mastered?

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