Internship at Kulkul

Good Vibe in My First Internship

My first internship experience in digital marketing was thrilling. I learned much at Kulkul Technology. For instance, starting from web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to digital marketing.

Kulkul is a tech company founded in 2019 by Gojek alumni and globally respected coding mentors. It focuses on building software and giving IT consultancy. In addition, it also has mentoring, tutoring, and workshop programs.

The working dynamics and atmosphere

I am grateful to be a part of the team. Then, I get a supportive environment that motivates me to learn and explore many things. They are from many different cities such as Bali, Bangkok, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and Istanbul.

We worked remotely and updated our progress with the team. It was crucial to update others on our progress. In January 2021, we had a Retreat Event. It was my first meeting with other interns. That helped me to connect and get in touch with others. Moreover, we also organized several online workshops from our meetup page.

Mentorship program inside the internship program

Firstly, the mentor was also very supportive of teaching me. I learned how to make engaging content and engage people on social media. Moreover, I also learned things such as analyzing the competitor, researching user personas, and improving our service. That was insightful to me to learn more about digital marketing. I got many insights from joining the internship here. In conclusion, I’m very excited to explore and learn more about the company.

written by: Rena Kurnia

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