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Factors to Consider to Making an Application


There have been many types of applications and their various features developed globally. Various applications with the theme of social, fashion, eCommerce, and even services are increasingly spreading and getting many active users. This kind of thing then encourages various companies to flock to create similar applications.

Companies with applications as one of their assets and promotional media are currently proving to be far more rapidly growing. The value of the benefits themselves also increases if the company has an application to develop its work. Things like this encourage many companies and institutions to build their applications to achieve specific goals.

But what is the price of an application? Is it expensive? Or is it challenging to create? In this article, we will review how much the development cost is.

Understanding your budget

Before discussing the budget, the first step is to understand your budget. Compared to the features and types of applications you want to create or have, this is essential. The limited budget can be one of the benchmarks for creating and allocating application funds.

Every company wants to have its application with running features. However, making one could take a big budget. Therefore, you must map out the budget.

Types of applications

The following will describe the various types of applications.

1. eCommerce App

This type of application is relatively more expensive than others. One application that people widely use has become one of the most popular applications. Nowadays, many people prefer to shop through the internet compared to the shop.

One of the advantages of a shopping cart application is that it offers many discounts. Its conveniences attract a lot of public interest.

2. Catalog

The prices we can offer for catalog-based applications depend on how the client needs the catalog concept. In determining the cost, we perform calculations based on the system’s complexity and how long the application takes.

The number of human resources involved in the development process is also a determining factor for the price of an application. Therefore, make sure that you provide a detailed concept before finding out the cost of the application you want to make.

3. Tool System

The tool system application in question is an application that has tools features so that users can use the tool according to their needs. Tools that can be developed include PDF editor tools, image editors, and others.

4. Application of Login, Push, and Payment

We usually find application features like this in online buying and selling applications or other applications that require financial transactions. We can develop applications with B2B and B2C models regarding the online buying and selling application itself. The two applications require different development costs. So feel free to discuss your application needs with us.

Other Application Fee

There are other costs apart from the development cost that must be borne. Here are some.

1. Server Cost

In addition to the above costs, server cost is used during development. This is by the amount of development time.

2. SSL Certificate Fee

In addition to the cost of the server, the developer company must pay for the SSL certificate. SSL is a certificate that shows that your site is safe for users to visit. It is usually indicated by the URL of the site starting with “https,” for example,

The hosting provider usually provides the SSL certificate. So, the price is per the provisions issued by the hosting company.

3. Maintenance Fee

The application cannot run properly if it does not perform maintenance. The maintenance costs vary depending on what the developer has to do when doing maintenance.

The standard maintenance process consists of fixing bugs and handling external disturbances. Meanwhile, additional features are not covered in maintenance costs.

Written by Faris

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