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Artificial Intelligence and its Benefits for Business

Technology is developing very fast. With activities that are now entirely online since the pandemic, people increasingly understand artificial intelligence benefits of technology for everyday life. But, is technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) fully benefited?

To date, around 40% of the 4.2 million employees and employers still rely on manual processes for administrative jobs. Moreover, employees or employers have to do tasks manually. For instance, managing thousands of documents, checking files, composing letters, and governing data.

With technological advances, can employees or employers reduce their manual work? Can we start other innovative jobs? How can technology help it?

How can artificial intelligence benefits in businesses?

With technology, we can almost automate all of the manual processes. The level of the technological advance can imitate what humans do. This technology is called AI.

What kind of jobs can you automate? Here is the list.

  • Input data
  • Data calculation and analysis
  • Documentation
  • Preparation of reports and letters
  • Identification/authentication process
  • Other administrative jobs

It seems all of those jobs already use technology. Then, what is the difference between those and AI?

Currently, the works performed by us do use technology. However, humans still have to do all the processes manually. As with AI, humans don’t have to be constantly in front of the computer to get work done.

The role of cognitive automation for business

In AI, there is a technology called Cognitive Automation. Cognitive automation is an intelligent software that can work like humans. In other words, this technology can work to control the computer, including the keyboard and mouse.

In addition, you can also use a technology called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for data management. Of course, the RPA aims to manage documents, the most dominating job for employees or employers.

The it leads to a question: will AI replace humans in the future? Maybe so, but only in an administrative job. With technology, we could say that it is a role transfer, not a role replacement.

Technology might disrupt some job positions. However, technology would never replace the human mind.

written by: Elsa Ajarwati | source

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