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5 Best Websites to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has an essential role in today’s business world. Having expertise in digital marketing is an added value to find work. Besides, your business can take advantage of it. Maybe some of us will study in college. But some of us don’t take it either. Therefore we have to find sources and study them ourselves. Here are some recommended online courses to learn digital marketing.

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This Google’s free certification is one of the programs at Google Digital Garage. In this course, you will learn about the basics of digital marketing to help our business and career. This course contains 26 modules and video tutorials. And this course is free. After taking this course, we will work on as many as 40 questions. After that, we will get a certificate.


On Udemy there are lots of courses. There are also many options, of course, digital marketing. The level of understanding level varies, and the prices as well. And yes, free courses are available there. The focus of learning is also different. Using Udemy, we can freely choose what courses we want to study according to our wishes and budget.

WordStream PPC University

WordStream has programs to learn pay-per-click (PPC). At PPC University, there are many topics that we can find. For example, “Target the Right Audiences” or “Optimize Your Google Ads Campaigns.”


On Coursera, there are many digital marketing courses. The courses provided are also available from various sources. Well-known institutions such as the University of Illinois, Coursera Project Network, Facebook, University of California, and many more. Furthermore, diverse digital marketing topics are provided, including “Digital Advertising Strategy” and “Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content.” In addition, Coursera will summarize the 10 most popular digital marketing courses so that we can immediately choose the top 10.


edX is a website that contains various study programs from multiple well-known universities. In edX, there are digital marketing courses where there are courses that have professional certificates. The topics of this course are also varied and held by well-known universities such as “Digital Marketing Strategy” by The University of Edinburgh and many more.

Taking online courses doesn’t hurt because we can develop our soft skills. And with this online course, we are facilitated because we can take this course anywhere and anytime.

Written by: Vania Jessica

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