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Scanblue is a web service that allows users to make and see a 3D model from appliances such as a couch, tabletop, chairs, etc. Initially, they developed an app only to create 3d models. Then, they had an additional project. When the previous developers didn’t assist with extra maintenance, a new issue arises. And that’s where Kulkul is making strides.

Kulkul assisted Scanblue not only to make a 3D model but also to make the models accessible online. Any device can access using Kulkul’s built shortened URL implemented in the QR-Code. Therefore adding much value to the product and is valid mainly for the E-Commerce market players. The model itself is pay-per-scan and hosted on a Scanblue server.

Project Scope

Augmented Reality • Website Development

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Problem Solving

We utilized JavaScript to identify which device is on the desktop/mobile/etc. When a user scans a QR code, the device will immediately launch The app. The AR viewer app then shows the object seamlessly depending on the user’s platform, whether it’s an IOS or an Android.

For the CMS on the newsroom section on the company website, we used WordPress. We also utilized Node.js, one on the server, one on the web browser.


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We performed in-person consultation in Jakarta and debugged problems on the spot. The issue was entirely resolved within a week after the session.

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