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Imranet is a special auction platform where customers can buy brand-new brand and lifestyle products every day. It serves the products at a fraction of their merchandise value. All brand and lifestyle products offered at Imranet are brand new and in their original packaging. Imranet is the only auction house of their kind to offer a 50% refund as a voucher.

The CEO asked us to build the social commerce plus gamification platform. Customers can bid and buy items at a meager cost. His criteria for completion were:

  • Sell products via auctions that can be set at a certain time.
  • Offers customers to buy tickets to bid on products offered. They eventually buy products if they win the auction.
  • Provide the entire sell-bid-buy cycle smoothly. It is achieved by having a payment system in place e.g. credit card, bank transfer, and e-wallet (GoPay, ShopeePay, Dana, and OVO).

Project Scope

Website Development • Payment


Problem Solving

Kulkul Technology built MVP landing page for Imranet auction. We also setup the domain and web hosting. Admin panel, auction module, and product module are included as well. The website was integrated with Xendit, allowing users to buy tokens for bidding auctions. We also OTP integration.

To achieve those the MVP requirements above, Kulkul did:

  • Implementing a fully functional web application for the auction service,
  • Deploying the product to production, and
  • Helping the company to operate the software to meets their business process.


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The final deliverable for this project will be a fully functional web application complete with the landing page and the payment system.

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