ERP Solution for a Visa and Legal Service

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As a Visa and Legal service company, Blitzindo Utama has very dynamic requirements. With users from different departments and different needs for each internal user, it provides challenges for how to provide the best workflow from Sales to Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

Using our approach to break down and communicate inter-department needs we build a working ERP system designed for the company built using ERPNext and have been running for months now without significant hiccups.

Project Scope

Website Development • ERP Solution

Visa Application Travel Form Concept


Problem Solving

Kulkul Technology built web app. We also setup the domain and web hosting. Sales, Marketing module, Operations and Finance module are included as well.

To achieve those, Kulkul did:

  • Interview with cross-departmental users
  • Business analysis on what is the best workflow considering the current practices and what is possible in the new ERP System.
  • Implementation of the ERP
  • Data Migration
  • Training and Documentation
  • Operational Guide


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The final deliverable for this project was a fully functional ERP Solution built with ERPNext, complete with the landing page and migration from legacy system.

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