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Top 5 Recommended Product Management Tools

Today, product management is the role and function within the product development team that is responsible for a product’s success all over. It is essential because it helps the rest of the company understand the value of the product. Product management also includes the branding and customer communication required to launch a new product.

Typically, product managers are responsible for putting product management principles into action. The role of a product manager can be part of a fulfilling, exciting, and challenging career and is ideal for people who love creating new features. This time, a wide variety of tools are available to make product management more effortless in the list below, the best tools that can help you build a winning product.


Using Asana as your product roadmap tool helps you track project progress, identify blockers, and shift resources on the fly. Product road mapping in Asana is simple and allows you to prioritize work, document a backlog, and give stakeholders a high-level view of progress. Your product roadmap in Asana serves as the singular place for information so that everyone will be on the same page.

You can customize features on Asana when you build out your basic product roadmap structure. You can create a drop-down custom field to ensure that your product roadmap maps to your company’s objectives. This tool also has drag and drop tasks. Use the calendar view to visualize your product roadmap.


ProductPlan understands you to create and share roadmaps to look good. It enables you to build your roadmap using a drag and drop interface quickly. Once your roadmap is ready to share, you can create different versions, each with varying levels of detail.

That means you can share it with your stakeholders and your dev team. But, you don’t have to worry about creating multiple roadmaps. You’re given unlimited roadmap viewers, so you don’t have to pay for the privilege of sharing it with stakeholders.


Based on roadmap themes, ProdPad will also help the team not to lose focus. ProdPad is a great product management tool to prioritize ideas within a company.

It allows any employee of the company to see what priorities the team has allocated for itself. Therefore, ProdPad is a lean product roadmap tool that keeps everyone on your team informed and aligned.


Jira has known as the #1 software development tool for agile teams. Also, it guides a product from wireframe to hard launch and beyond. Any product lifecycle management team will support Jira software features like scrum boards, roadmaps, agile reporting, and customizable workflow.

Jira also allows integrations with other tools and provide advanced filters that can be customized. It is often configured as a less visual issue-tracking tool.


ProductBoard is a product management system to support product development with customer research, prioritization, and product road mapping. It is also a powerful platform that helps bring together materials to create more effective product development decisions.

This tool allows you to structure the result of qualitative research. It helps your team understand what target users need and prioritize what features to build.

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