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Website backgrounds are the breath of design. Background on a website is an important part. Unfortunately, only a few designers pay attention to this part. If you want to put “life” on your website, make sure you are not careless about background design. Check out these 5 tips!

Use bright colors and their combinations

Solid color combination for website background

Firstly, the choice of colors and combinations in website background design is essential. We should pay attention because they make an big contribution to how visitors read your site. Color in web design can encourage visitors to find out more, spark emotions, generate desire, and drive conversions. It is also possible that your site will get loyalty from visitors.

Make your website design background image easy to read

Easy to Read WordPress Bg

Next, the perfect background image must be excellent. But, don’t let you ignore the most important thing. What is that? The image design on the web background must still make your content look aesthetics.

It’s irritating if you choose a beautiful background image if the visitor has trouble reading the text on it. If you find the best picture, but the text on the background is hard to read, try using photo editing software to change the contrast, opacity, or even add layers. If all that doesn’t help, try choosing a font and size that’s more appropriate for the content.

Isn’t photography the right choice for your website? Why don’t you try using one of the solid colors for your website background design. This is usually the best way to guarantee that your website is readable easily, provided the contrast is proper. Then, don’t forget to make sure the design color matches your brand, company, and the impression you want to show visitors.

In addition, warm colors like red and pink give the reader an energetic feel. This color is excellent for health brands. Cool colors like green and blue have a calming effect and are the most popular colors for website backgrounds.

Avoid images that are too crowded and messy

Crowded and Messy Color Instance

This point is crucial, especially if you plan to add text on top of the background. No problem. Choose an image that is a little striking but make sure that the picture doesn’t get rid of the message and story you want to convey to the reader.

For example, a landscape photo can be an excellent background for your website. It gives a stunning impression and is not too crowded.

A trendy website background can make a design feel more contemporary and up-to-date. Try using some of the significant web design trends. That could be geometric shapes, immersive 3D elements, glowing color schemes, dark mode, or Pantone colors in your website background design.

Liven up your website design with an animated background

Animate Your Photo Picture on Web Design

Did you know that animated backgrounds are the best way to bring your site to life? As a rule, make sure you use a smooth animation to interfere with the main image or obscure the foreground design. Surely, this animation creates an energetic impression. Then, you can combine subtle color palettes to come up with the best idea.

Color gradation, a 90s vibe

Old School Classic Color Tone

Finally, the 90s design trend never goes out of style. Color gradations, also known as color transitions, are mixing gradually from one color to another. Not only is it visually stunning and attractive, the color gradation is also easy to adjust. It can stand alone as a background on a website or as a layer underneath a photo. Both of them make your website stand out.

Anyway, how about those website background design tips? Easy, right. With Kulkul, you can take your website into another level. Book your free consultation!

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