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5 Recommended Websites for Free GIFs

Exchanging funny GIFs while chatting on messenger apps is fun. Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a format for moving images with a solid color area. This format is wider than just line art or logos. Now everywhere, you will find funny GIFs that make us laugh. GIFs are playful in texting. It describes your expression when typing the message. Looking for a GIF download place? We will share several websites for downloading GIFs for free. Check these out!

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Giphy – your top source for the best & newest GIFs

The name GIPHY must be familiar to your ears. This platform is widely used in the United States and also several other countries. GIPHY provides various GIFs on your social media. Sometimes you can find it on your mobile phone keyboard. Also, you can search for and create your GIF, upload and create! Jace Cooke and Alex Chung founded the platform in February 2013. On Twitter, you can immediately use it. No need to download it first.

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Tenor – find the perfect free GIFs

Then, this is GIPHY’s rival, Tenor. It is a website for free GIF downloads. Apart from being a site and app, you can install Tenor on your keyboard. So, you can send funny GIFs anytime and anywhere to your friends. Tenor makes it easy for you to find and share GIFs to various devices, either Android or iOS. Until now, more than 300 million people use Tenor every month to send GIFs.

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GIFER – Best animated free GIFs here

In the third place, GIFER is what you should check out next. Similar to GIPHY, in GIFER you can search for and create animated GIFs as you wish. Just choose the genre that matches the GIF you are looking for or what you are making. There are available genres for action, adjective, animals, art and design, holidays, memes, nature, reactions, and many more. Also, you can use more specific hashtags.

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Imgflip – flip through memes, GIFs, and other funny images

The website for the next GIF download is Imgflip which is a paradise for finding funny memes and GIFs. Apart from that, you can also create memes, GIFs, and polls for free there. You can find various animated GIFs based on the genre, namely fun, politics, gaming, cats, sports, and so on. You can arrange them based on upload time, namely hot, new, top past few hours, and others according to your wishes. So, you can keep up to date with the latest GIFs.

Best place to download free gifs - tumblr


Tumblr – express yourself and bond over the stuff you love

Last but not least, there is Tumblr which is one of the recommendations for a free GIF download website. Tumblr came up in 2017 as a hybrid microblogging and social media platform. Find quotes, photos, audio, and videos here. There is also an “Ask” feature so that users can ask other users.

Well, those are some website recommendations for downloading free GIFs that you can easily access. Good luck finding funny animated GIFs for communication and having fun with your friends! Anyway, you can also check best website background to make more lively!

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