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Software Architecture Consulting
Software Architecture Consulting
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Software Architecture

Embarking on a system rebuild? We're here to help you getting started.

With full-cycle software architecture services that include product design and business forecast analysis, we will bring you to the top of competition.

top it companies in Indonesia

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Event-driven architecture

Minimize this waiting time and improve performance, you can get event-driver architecture.

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Microkernel or plugin architecture

Get various plugins for more specific processes. Simplify routine but keep tasks flexible.

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Multi-tier architecture

This model provides for several layers built around one core database. It interacts with all layers subsequently,.

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Microservices architecture

Microservices will give you a simpler and flexible approach. Some small programs will cover specific functional areas.

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Adaptive software architect team
to actualize your ideas

Software architecture planning is a complex process. The scientific-driven approach makes it possible for the Kulkul Technology team to ensure a clear technical vision of the existing

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We use our business-tailored architecture to achieved your business-oriented goals and we commit fully along the journey.

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Clear communication

Our QA team ready to serve to provide manual and automated tests

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Scaling on demand

We got your concern. Change happens, you might need to scale up in the future, and we'll be ready to keep up with your pace.

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Decisions based on relevant data

the insights we get from this market research allow us to form a feature list to satisfy your end customers’ needs.

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Quick onboarding

Our clients are from all over the globe, so we know how to establish and streamline communication and collaboration.

Technology stacks we use

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Web Development

Frontend: React, Gatsby JS, Elm
Backend: Ruby on Rails

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Mobile (Native)

iOS: Swift
Android: Kotlin
Cross-platform (React Native, Flutter)

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R Programming

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Paypal & Stripe

Technology stacks we use

Hear from Our Clients

Hear from Our Clients

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