Extract you trading datasets
easily from Trading Physics.

APIs to real-time and historical trading data feeds

to get opportunities arising from a deeper insight into market volatility.

This is the best resource I have found so far to grab free intraday historical data dedicated to technical analysis research.

Free URL shortener on your browser

Shortens your long URLs within one click.

Real-Time and Historical Data

Over the internet of collocated.
Direct / normalized / consolidated feeds.

US and Canada Coverage

Equities, options, futures, derivatives, indices, and pink sheets.

Technical Analysis

Market indicator and oscillator patterns of order flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Run yarn
  • Run yarn link
  • Install the package
# yarn 
yarn global add trading-physics-downloader
# npm 
npm install trading-physics-downloader
  • Run the command
# concept 
tradphys --start <start_date> --end <end_date> --sym <stock_symbol>
# example 
tradphys --start 01/14/2020 --end 01/21/2020 --sym MSFT
  • Results are in format results_.png

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