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Live trading stock options with entry and exit provided on every trade

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Pinder's Picks x Kulkul Technology



Pinder’s Picks is a live trading stock options with entry and exit provided on every trade. It offers highly targeted picks without over-trading. It also provides retail options trading solution for retail traders. As the risk for retail investors increases, the platform will help to protect the interest of both parties. It has an exclusive community, to get the latest update about which option to buy.

During its beginning phase, the company decided to build landing page and modernize their existing systems. They were looking for a website developer to help them. Kulkul Technology was chosen to cooperate with Pinder’s Pick. After proving ourselves with web development services, we’ve been engaged in additional payment projects.

Project Scope

Website Development • Payment

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Problem Solving

Kulkul Technology built MVP landing page for Pinder’s Picks. We also setup the domain and web hosting. The website was integrated with Stripe, allowing users to subscribe and make payment. We also did integration with Bezinga Market Movers API to forward market movers data feed to its premium Discord channel.


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The initial feedback was positive and it led to much closer cooperation. Starting with a helping hand with API integration, via the in-depth optimization of the existing elements of Pinder’s Picks, we’ve finished up with a huge task to develop a brand new platform.

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