Website Layout by Harvard

Website Composition and Layout Tips from Harvard

Composition and layout on our website is an important thing to note. The composition itself is the arrangement of an element. At the same time, the layout is the arrangement of the existing design elements. This composition and layout include the Rule of thirds, Whitespace, and web layouts.

Rule of Third

First, the Rule of thirds is a way of looking at the layout in a design. Put a simple grid divided equally horizontally and vertically or nine large squares in the space design. The Rule of thirds is essential because the grid generated by intersecting lines will focus on the user. We can use the Rule of Third to highlight something.

How to Optimize Your Website Layout

When people visit Harvard University’s website, their focus will be on the words “Forever’21”. on the grid at the top left. There is a logo of Harvard University showing their logo. And the grid in the middle is what I want to highlight in this website, namely highlighting the accomplishments and celebrating the bright future of Harvard’s class of 2021.

White Space

White space, also known as negative space, is the portion of a page that is blank on a page. We use white to convey a clear message to the user through a more straightforward design.

Website Layout by Harvard

On the Harvard University website, they use white space to separate the elements on the page. Based on the screenshot above, the white space is beneficial for users to know that one part is separate from another element.

Web Layout

Web layout is a basic design to make the appearance of a website, especially in the arrangement of elements in a website. Website elements consist of the header, sidebar, content, and footer.

Website Composition by Harvard

The Harvard website has many elements where there are headers, navigation, content, sidebars, footers. Nevertheless, all the features that exist can help users to get the information they need. Like in the sidebar, some topics are linked to the page containing the topic.

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