Using Visual Contents as a Marketing Tools


In marketing, we can use visuals. It connects the marketing message with images in photos, graphics, infographics, videos, logos, etc. The visual aims to make the object the center of the message. As humans have an excellent response to something that non-verbal, the following are the aspects contained in visual contents:

Visual contents that tell something

Every visual object has value and appeals to reach the audience by displaying the written words. Content marketing is all about telling stories, and people will tell stories as long as they can talk. The value of this visual content is our ability to tell stories quickly and provide information that is easy to understand.

Before that, we have to identify the idea. An idea is a thought idea where this idea will become the concept of our content. After breaking down ideas, we start thinking about what we want to convey or tell. If we have, we have to make a story that can attract the attention of viewers. As much as possible, the story stays stuck in the audience for a short time. After that, we visualize the idea and the story. Visualization can be in the form of photos, videos, logos, and others.

Buyer’s journey

The buyer journey is a process experienced by consumers from the awareness stage until they buy the products or services that we offer. This buyer journey is very influential in whether these customers will become loyal buyers or like their services.

To make customers have a good buyer journey for us, we have to build on that. We must treat all potential customers well. Although in the end, he is not our current customer. Because maybe he will become a customer on another occasion or he can recommend us to others. Besides that, we also have to be able to provide solutions to our prospective customers.

So in visual content for marketing tools, there are two essential things. Namely, the content that we present can tell something and usually creates a good buyer journey for our customers.

Written by: Vania Jessica

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