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Testing vs. Debugging: What are the Differences?


Testing and debugging are different activities in software production. They are related to each other. The latter always comes after every testing process. It is essential to know the difference between testing and debugging. The following article explains the difference between testing vs. debugging.

What is Testing?

Testing is a process to identify discrepancies between the results of an information system with the expected results. We do the testing phase to ensure quality (quality assurance). We also test if the outcome is appropriate.

What is Debugging?

A bug is an error that occurs as a result of an incomplete instruction or executed process. A lot of factors can result in bugs: flawed manufacturing process, missing resources, etc. Those could cause bugs to arise.

Definition of the term debugs programming

Debugging is a method used by programmers and software developers to analyze program workflows. It finds and reduces bugs or defects in a computer program or hardware device. So that, the device works as expected. Debugging is more complicated when several other subsystems are related to it. A change on one side can cause other bugs to appear in different subsystems.

Difference between testing and debugging

Testing begins with general conditions with expected results. There are some types of testing. Example: unit testing, integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, stress, load, and performance testing.

On the other hand, debugging is an unstructured and unreliable step-by-step manual process to find and remove specific bugs from the system. And it categorizes based on the type of bug.

Moreover, testing is a process that can be planned, designed, and executed. Testing is also a process to identify the failure of the implemented code. While in debugging, you can’t force and give absolution to code failures.

In testing, you don’t have to apply design knowledge. Everyone with or without test cases can do the testing. You can outsource it to an outside team as well. Whereas, in debugging, detailed design knowledge is a must to know. But what makes it different from testing is that you can’t outsource the debugging process. The internal development team should do the debugging process.

More of testing vs. debugging

In testing, you can automate most of the test cases. Whereas in debugging, automation in the debugging process is not possible.

The main difference between testing and debugging is that the developers do the debugging process. They fix the problems raised by testing in the debugging phase. Debugging results are issues resolved and available for retesting. Testers do not correct defects; instead, they verify the flaw fixed by the developer.

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