My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern at Kulkul


As a sophomore student, it is competitive to get an internship. However, in April 2021, I got an offer to become a digital marketing intern. It was such an honor that the Kulkul marketing team trusted me to be a digital marketing apprentice. This internship is my first time. At first, I doubted whether I would do all the work that Kulkul would give me later. But when I met my coworkers, my mind changed.

During internal onboarding, my mentors asked me what I wanted to learn while working at Kulkul. I said I wanted to know more about copywriting. Then, the mentors gave me learning material to learn about copywriting. Not only learning the course but also getting feedback on how to do things better.

Moreover, I could implement what I got from the course directly. The team trusted me to manage Kulkul social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In Kulkul, I have a one-on-one mentoring session almost once a week. When I had a mentoring session, the mentor often asked if I had difficulties at work. Or if I needed help with what I wanted to learn. In every mentoring session, I got exciting insights.

My internship at Kulkul gave me a lot of insights that I might not necessarily get from lectures. When team members took a course, they shared the lessons with us and brainstormed to find the idea.

One of my projects was to make a marketing plan for Kulcamp – an app that gives you free workshops and seminars. Apart from making a marketing plan, I also created the content. And the team consistently gave me helpful feedback to improve my content writing.

Overall, being a part of Kulkul is one of my highlights this semester. Besides, I am growing and getting a lot of new knowledge. Gaining the trust to implement what I learned into practice is satisfying.

Written by: Vania Jessica

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