AI in Call Centers and Dermatology

How AI Can Help Dermatologists and Call Center

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer unfamiliar for us. This technological advance can make our work easier. Our computer processing powers this intelligence. Also, it will understand things faster and learn more data. With the presence of it, it can reduce errors caused by humans. Moreover, the technology will generate more opportunities with greater accuracy.

With the advantages of this technology, such as processing large amounts of data and producing optimal results, AI is a favorite today. Let’s take a look at some companies developing their own.

Google’s new tool to help dermatologists and new features on Maps

Google launched a skin condition detection tool using called “Dermatology Helper” at the Google I/O event. This technology can recognize 288 skin conditions. One thing to note is: Google did not make this AI to replace medical personnel’s role.

Apart from the Dermatology Helper, Google also updated new features on Google Maps. As reported by The Verge, “Live View” can be accessed on Google Maps. In 2019, Google Maps launched the feature on the web. And now in 2021,we can access it on mobile. With this feature, Google Maps will collect helpful information such as how busy restaurants are, latest reviews, and uploaded photos.

In addition, Google Maps uses AI to identify and predict a vehicle’s sudden break on the road. This technology could eliminate more than 100 million sudden brakes on Google Maps routes yearly. Besides that, many Google updates apply the technology.

Call center automation powered by AI is an enterprise virtual assistant platform and solutions company. It enables enterprises to automate and enhance digital interactions with their customers, employees, and partners.

In Japan, the tech company launched a new product called SmartAssist. From My Tech Decisions news, creates a no-code conversational AI platform. SmartAssist provides end-to-end call automation for incoming customer service calls. The automation will run through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), virtual assistant, and call deflection. With a mechanism, SmartAssist redirects calls to a virtual or live assistant. SmartAssist also provides Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-speech (TTS) to customers.

To conclude, AI is essential tech today. Many companies leverage their business using AI. And, it doesn’t hurt for each of us to start exploring more about this technology.

by: Vania Jessica

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