Why you need to know these angular terms

Build a Cool Website? Know These 5 Angular Terms!

Angular is one of the most widely used frameworks for developing websites. For those of you who want to build a website using Angular, you must understand the various Angular terms below.

1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework that can help you to develop websites. In Angular, a NgModule application root has a bootstrap property that identifies the application’s top-level components. Angular will create and insert this component into the web host’s index.html page during the bootstrap process. So you can bootstrap multiple apps in the same index.html. Each application contains its components.

2. Change detection

Change detection is a mechanism that the Angular framework uses to match the UI state of the app to the state of the data. It checks the current state of the data model each time it is run and retains it as the previous state for comparison in the next iteration.

When the application logic updates the component data, the values ​​bound to the DOM properties in the view can change. Also, it is responsible for updating the view to reflect the current data model. Thus, the user can interact with the UI, causing events that change the data model state.

3. Lazy load

Once your app has a set of modules, you need to know how much code you’re sending to the user on initial load and after further interaction. Using Angular, you can decide that specific routes should be lazy-loaded. Lazy load is the next term about Angular that you need to know.

4. NgModule

This module can define the compilation context for parts of your application. This module identifies the module’s components, directives, and pipelines make some of the public via export properties so that external components can use them.

5. TypeScript

TypeScript is one of the most common programming languages in creating websites and applications. It is also the programming language used for Angular development. It is because it provides compile-time type checking and powerful tool support. Such as code completion, refactoring, inline documentation, and smart search.

And those are the 5 Angular terms you need to know as a web developer. If your company have a website development project with Angular, contact us to make your project alive!

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