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AR in eCommerce to Increase ROI and Satisfaction


Augmented reality (AR) is currently experiencing very rapid development and implementation in most industries. This technology expands our physical world by adding digital information layers into it. AR adoption by many businesses continues to grow at high speed. The eCommerce business is one of them. With the pandemics, AR technology provides real benefits by producing significant increases in services offered by e-commerce.

E-commerce allows a business to reach more customers. An increase in the number of people who make purchases online makes this retail market grow the fastest. E-commerce is the ideal way to develop brands from traditional stores in specific locations into brands easily accessible from various countries worldwide.

Next, we will see how AR technology is used in the eCommerce business. Some of the goals are to expand business reach, increase sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Increase customer engagement

Firstly, every business develops a marketing strategy experience that means the interaction between brands and their customers is very important for sales performance. AR technology develops a closer relationship between brands and customers thanks to the opportunity for practical product testing. In this way, customers have the chance to try a product before deciding to buy it.

All of this helps increase customer involvement significantly because prospective customers spend more time with the product. Close relations between brands and customers increase the possibility that this user will reach a decision faster to make a purchase.

2. Give a unique shopping experience

Secondly, AR technology in the eCommerce business enhances the shopping experience by making it more unique and interactive. Thanks to this technology, customers have full control over the product. In this way, customers who control products feel closer and more connected with products that make them loyal to the brand.

Thanks to AR, they can also personalize their products, making it possible to succeed in meeting their needs. At the same time, through the introduction of AR in e-commerce, product returns because customer dissatisfaction has declined significantly. This saves the company’s cost for transportation, refilling, recreate and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Given that the business operating in e-commerce is very much, this means that competition is relatively high. Produce high traffic to the site is one of the most critical goals, increasing SEO. Thanks to the unique experience offered by the AR on the site, it attracts new users and stores old users.

If the user returns, it means the goal to offer something valuable and innovative has been achieved. This is where the role of AR makes the user experience more attractive. At the same time, for new users, it becomes possible to achieve the belief they need to buy products thanks to exploration through AR.

4. Solution to Overcome Pandemic

In the current pandemic period, maintaining cleanliness in business has always been a worrying problem, coupled with various rules such as maintaining distance and using masks, especially when gathering in the showroom. Online sales increased significantly because the community avoided the crowd and from multiple restrictions on the store’s closure.

So, AR is the perfect solution to improve the online shopping experience. It eliminates the need to explore the desired products physically or buy them directly from the store, thus maintaining social distance and eliminating unnecessary visits.

As mentioned above, when social distance has become an essential thing in everyday life, AR is present to help businesses as a powerful tool to increase e-commerce significantly. Integrating AR technology in e-commerce stores provides the most innovative, friendly, and pleasant shopping experience.

Indeed, AR technology has the potential for the eCommerce industry to ensure rapid business growth thanks to high sales. worked with us to create an AR system in their furniture eCommerce. Interested in applying AR technology for your business? Contact us now!

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