A Glimpse of Being a Digital Marketer in Kulkul


The beginning of my Kulkul journey as a marketer

The year 2020 was about to finish, and I received an offer from Kulkul Technology as a Digital Marketer Associate. It was a mixture of hot and cold to describe the experience here so far. Within a month, I could see how Kulkul impacted my life positively.

Deep dive into tech education

One of Kulkul’s focuses is Tech Education. As an education enthusiast, this excites me to outflow my energy. When I host IT-related workshops and webinars, we know that this pandemic makes it harder to learn face-to-face. Technology helps us to make it happen, to learn online. Because of that, Kulkul provides regular Meetup workshops for the people. So, no excuse you don’t have an opportunity to study!

For now, you can register and choose a topic they like on our meetup.com quickly. If you have already registered but suddenly can’t join the event, don’t worry. We publish the recording on Kulkul’s Youtube channel (press like comment, subscribe, guys!).

To me, KulTalks (Kulkul Virtual Event) is full of values, worthy of joining. Not only learning new things, but also we can expand our networking from various countries. I met several international fellows from these events!

Getting more responsibilities as a digital marketer

Having this experience opens my point of view of this new field. The company culture lets us explore and implement ideas with full support. Moreover, I got a chance to be an emcee for the first event I organized. Moreover, I also have access to learn Kulkul premium courses such as design and marketing.

As this is my first experience working remotely, I feel great about all other members in Kulkul. I enjoy learning more and working about things with their warm and professional guidance.

Finally, if you’re interested in joining our team, let us know, and don’t hesitate to reach us by email or LinkedIn!

written by: Ghita Tamalia

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