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9 Types of Website Development


After knowing the 8 basic concepts of website development, now it’s time to dig dive about the 9 types of website development that you need to know:

1. Front-End Development

Front-End Development or client-side development is the practice of developing website interfaces. For example, layout, website menu navigation, graphics, and others. A front-end developer’s job is not just to develop the website’s appearance. But also need to ensure that the website’s appearance can improve the UX.

The key is to develop a simple, consistent and responsive user interface. So that later users will find it easier to find information on the website. The user interface of each device can also be different. This is because the user’s behavior when opening a website from the desktop is different from the behavior when opening it from a mobile phone.

2. Back-End Development

Back-end development is the practice of developing and managing servers. The back-end developer’s job includes creating a system to run the website’s functions, such as managing a database containing customer and product data. Likewise, creating a system for the flow of purchases to product payments.

In addition, a back-end developer is also responsible for ensuring the security of a website. The trick is to make sure there are no coding errors hackers can use to infiltrate the server. They use several programming languages ​​such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby to do these activities.

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3. Full-Stack Development

Full-stack development is the development of the interface and website server simultaneously. a full-stack developer does the job of front-end and back-end developer. However, he could also be asked to develop applications, debug, troubleshoot, and even create new features.

However, due to the large amount of knowledge that must be mastered, it is difficult to find someone with a full-stack developer profession. Because, in fact, mastering just one programming field takes a long time, especially if you have to be an expert in two areas at once.

4. Website Development

Website development is a practice that includes front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. A web developer does this work. Usually, website developers create various applications and websites for clients and companies. In addition, they can also create video games and desktop software.

If you are interested in becoming a website developer, first consider the skills that must be mastered. After that, apply the tips to make it easier for you to learn these skills.

5. Desktop Development

Desktop development is developing applications or software that operate locally on your device. So, not over the internet in a web browser.

Desktop developers do this work. Some software is created by desktop developers you are used to—examples: Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Discord, and Microsoft Office. If you are interested in becoming a desktop developer, some skills need to be mastered. Some of them are application optimization in terms of scalability, speed, platform testing, and data security.

6. Mobile Development

A mobile app development is the practice of developing applications for smartphones or tablets. Mobile developers usually create applications that you use on smartphones, such as social media, photo editing applications, and m-banking.

Several skills need to be mastered if you want to make these applications—for example, coding for user-friendly applications, application database development, and the C++ programming language.

To facilitate application development, you also need to master the Application Programming Interface (API). Its purpose is to retrieve data from other platforms. Using the API, you can connect one application to another. For example, the Gojek application requires maps as online transportation tools. Well, Gojek doesn’t need to provide its map. Gojek simply takes Google Maps data using the API.

7. Game Development

Game development is the process of writing code to develop video games, whether it’s in the form of console games like Xbox and PlayStation or smartphone games. A game developer carries out these tasks. Sometimes, the skills required by game developers overlap with those of mobile development because they both make applications that operate on smartphones.

However, game development requires different skills from mobile development. One of the most striking is the skill of the C++ programming language. This is because most applications are designed using the C++ programming language.

8. Embedded Development

Embedded development is the development of all types of hardware. It could be the display of electronic device interfaces, IoT, and real-time systems. Bluetooth technology and virtual assistants on gadgets are some examples.

To develop the various tools above, skills need to be mastered. Some of them are C++ and Python programming languages. An embedded developer performs these tasks.

9. Security Development

Security development is creating a security system for software and websites. The security developer performs this task. Security developers usually perform ethical hacker actions, for example, by exploring the website to find errors. In addition, they also build systems that work to find and fix security risks.

In conclusions

Well, those were the types of website development. You’ve probably already figured out what kind you want to learn. After that, let’s look at the overall website development work process.

Written by Faris

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