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6 Basic Types of Fonts You Need to Know


Do you believe that the types of fonts in a brand logo affects the brand image? To find out the answer, consider the following image.

Types of fonts could affect people's perceptions.

From the picture above, the type of font used dramatically affects the image of the brand. The picture on the left shows a Rolex, which is a luxury watch brand. Where it can be seen from the writing used in the logo is very elegant and classic. When people see the logo, they already know that the product sold by Rolex is classic and elegant.

Imagine Rolex updating its logo into the image on the right, people might not think that this watch will be costly compared to another watch if you use this brand. So we must choose a font that suits our business for the company logo, website pages, and others.

This font is closely related to typography. Typography is the art of arranging letters and text to make the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader (Career Foundry). Typography involves font style, appearance, and structure, aiming to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages. It is imperative to determine what type of typography on the logo, the website that we have. the following types of typography.


american eagle logo

Roman is a collection of capital letters and the most found on Roman pillars or inscriptions. Romance is a letter with an upright character and is dominated by straight lines. Besides that, it has a small line in each letter. Roman itself is characteristic, graceful, firm, and feminine.


tiffany and co fashion logo

This Serif consists of horizontal stripes or is called a counterstroke. The Serif has fins/legs pointed at the ends and has a thick and thin contrast on the line of the letters. Serif has almost the same impression as Roman, namely classic, elegant, feminine, but Serif is more formal. An example of a Serif font is the Palatino Linotype.


sony logo font usage

Egyptians have characteristic fins/legs shaped like a square board with almost the same thickness. The impression created by Egyptians is sturdy, strong, muscular, and stable. An example of a font from Egyptian is Rockwell.

San Serif

fendy black and white types of fonts

Unlike the Serif, which has fins/legs, San serif has no fins/legs at the ends and has almost the same thickness. The consistency of the letters is not too thick but not too thin but solid. The impression is modern, efficient, and contemporary. Examples of fonts from San Serif are Arial, Futura, Helvetica, and many more.


instagram logotype face

As the name suggests, this script resembles a hand stroke using a pen, brush, or pencil. Usually has a characteristic tilt to the right and sharp. The impression it creates is personal and classic. An example of a script font is Segoe Script.


disney pixar cars 2 logo

This miscellaneous is a typeface that has no specific characteristics and is an extension of existing forms. It has embellishments and ornaments or decorative lines. Examples of Miscellaneous fonts are Magneto, Comic Sans MS, and many more.

The selection of types of fonts for websites is crucial. With typography, it will make it easier for users to read the text information on the website. If readers can capture all information, it will increase engagement on the website and improve user experience.

Written by: Vania Jessica

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