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About Us

Kulkul Tech is a technology-based company aiming to democratize high-quality software engineering. We help IT decision-makers, project managers, and product owners to take technology usage to the next level.

Founded in 2019 by Gojek Alumni and globally-respected coding mentor, Kulkul Tech has a solid remote-first team that emphasizes people and clear communication.

Kulkul Humble Beginning

Humble Beginning

Kulkul (pronounced: cool-cool) was inspired by one of founder’s friends who like to say “cool-cool”. However, as he is a Balinese, it is modified to “Kulkul”.

Kulkul is also a widely known traditional communication tool in Bali. The name is sticky and easy to remember.

We’re on the mission to brings high-quality software to the masses through customer-obsessed consulting, training, and mentoring.

Meet the Team

Abdurrachman Mappuji

Abdurrachman Mappuji

Tech Advisor

Huda Kurniawan

Huda Kurniawan


Yuli Efa Santoso

Yuli Efa Suryantoro

Tech Lead

Ahluzain Octuviadi

Software Engineer

Rahma Andita

Rahma Andita Purnama

Full-Stack Developer

Yuli Bagus

Product Designer

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